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War  ·  2580 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: An investigation into the million-dollar business of video game cheating

The speed mod one is something I don't know enough about, but I thought the general consensus was that they were not actually cheats. If for whatever reasons the speed mods were impeding upon a worldwide/nationwide leader board where people were ranked, and speed mods gave an advantage score-wise then yea cheating.

The league of legends one is not a cheat because anyone can simply grab a watch, and time it. When I used to play it, some people just used watches. The point is that the advantage being provided by the timer isn't something the other team cannot use equally.

In terms of Counter-Strike being someone who played a lot. There is a line drawn about cheating that goes along the same logic as the timers in LoL. If I run a wall hack, or aimbot I am accomplishing something that even if you had a $20,000 rig you couldn't surpass. Do we call people who have good ping cheaters because theirs is lower than everyone elses?

None of the examples you presented pose any threat to the competitive nature of a game. A family member playing with his family isn't hurting anyone outside his family. If they get pissed they can tell him to stop. The person making bots to learn how to program AI is learning to program AI at which point the bot never even has to touch a competitive setting. Like I said before when you bypass mechanics set forth by the developer to mess with the experience of the other players that isn't fair under any circumstance.