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mknod  ·  1532 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: PSA: Welcome to Hubski, Redditors.

    Not trying to be a wet towel... but.. I really don't get this place. I actually signed up last year, but nothing I posted ever showed up and no one ever responded to any of my questions.

For one thing, nobody has a responsibility to respond to your questions. When you say that nothing you posted ever showed up (I am assuming you mean in global), it was perhaps because it was not deemed by anyone as worthy of discussion.

Here is a tip for redditors, if you want to share content on hubski, you can't always just put a link. You will have to make an effort and give your opinions or views on the subject matter, or give a history of it.

    Also.. taking a look around for the second time... .. uh... you guys seem kinda stuck up. The number of times I've seen reference to "freeze peaches" kinda makes me feel a little gross seeing as I've only ever seen that from SRSers.

Well for another thing, yeah sometimes we are kind of stuck up. We can all be kind of stuck up sometimes. Being people means that we are going to be stuck up, or judgy, or mean, or sad, or lonely, there are actual people on the other side of the computer screen. Personally, I try not to put on an internet persona. I try to discuss things as if the person were sitting next to me, so I might come off as mean or as dismissive. Sometimes the intent of the message is more important than the message itself.

    Feel free to mock me and call me names... you don't have to worry about me sticking around.

See this is what is really bugging me about your post. You are trying to gain sympathy by putting yourself in a position where we are meant to pity you. It's just really manipulative and feels like a snake oil feeling. If I felt that this post wasn't just an excuse for you to try and gain sympathy or attempt to goad people into defending themselves, and instead was an honest expression of how you feel on the site, I might want to share it EVEN if I disagreed.