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wasoxygen  ·  1880 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Salary Subsidy Quiz

All interesting, and complex, questions. I don't think I have any special insight, and my answers to the first two would be "non-ideal fix," "probably possible to merely survive, but not much more."

For the purpose of this quiz (as I intended it) the question is whether outside sources of wealth make a given income opportunity more or less attractive.

    One assumes if they do not feel they need much more significant income, then they would lowball their jobs.
The logically extreme version of someone who does not feel they need much more income is the independently wealthy person. Are they likely to accept low-paying work at McDonald's?

On the other end, do the world's most desperately poor people hold out for executive salaries, or take whatever they can get?

    What could someone choose that actually pays less than McDonald's and Walmart?
I dunno, part-time at McDonald's, babysitting, or making wreaths at home?