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What a world it was back in 1970, when to be a man you primarily had to be decisive, bossy, and unflinching. I went through the test as a 1970's man and scored 100% manly.

Then I went through it as a 1970s woman, never taking leadership of any sort, always helping, helping, always helping, serving: unflinching service. Unflinching submission. But I didn't want to be too sure of anything - as women are famously indecisive and meek. I didn't even want to be 100% certain about being indecisive, so my second score was only 95% woman

These days, I'm 100% human. As eightbitsamurai knows, I can kick ass when necessary - but most of the time I take leadership and try to get along. My last score was 72% man, 72% woman and 50% both -- which seems about right.