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Not much since the Netherlands hasn't been on my radar a lot - but I googled a tiny bit and;

Very alike Sweden in some sense, especially with the way the state is structured - we're a monarchy to and have several different parties. I would probably vote for D66 or SP because I'm an idealist and VERY left-wing.

We also have issues with a far right party in Sweden, so I would be very against the PVV. It's based around one person here too - but he hit the wall/is on sick-leave because of psychological problems which means our PVV are kind of out of control at the moment. A person from our PVV is speaker of the house and well... very racist. (He recently said that Jews, and Sami people - who are our Native people are not Swedes.)

In this clip A person from our left-most party in the "Riksdag" holds a speech.

She starts speaking without addressing him as "Sir speaker". In Sweden we call each other by the informal "you" and without titles. Having to use a title is a very, very big deal in Sweden.

When He starts interrupting her and tells her that "We say sir Speaker" she respond "You're not my speaker of the house" but in Sweden it sounds way more awesome and can also be interpreted as "You do not speak for me".

I feel like Netherland's politics are very similar to the ones I'm immersed in but a degree more liberal reactionary, there are animal rights parties and such in Sweden too, but not big ones.

So this is a rant I did after a bit of googling so if I'm very wrong I apologize.