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_refugee_  ·  2246 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Tell me a (yes-that-actually-happened) story.

Once upon a time, I had been getting drunk at my favorite bar. A dear crush came in just as I was leaving - as I knew I was drunk. I insisted we take a shot. It was the fatal "one shot too many." I have blacked out twice in my life and this was one of those times. I left the restaurant knowing I was too drunk to drive and set out for the nearest Wawa, a 30-45 minute walk away. Good to sober me up. On the way there a car of three men pulled up next to me and offered me a ride. Thankfully, I was wasted but not stupid. I refused. I only know this because I was texting as I walked.

Walked all the way to Wawa, got a Monster and maybe food and walked back, and an hour and a half later back at my car knew I was still too drunk to drive. Texted my friend who I'd been texting when the guys tried to give me a ride. He had offered me a couch to sleep on...3 hours ago. Now I was trying to take him up on it.

He was awake and when I arrived at his house the first thing I did was insult his hair. I was very insistent about sleeping on his couch and nowhere else and snuck out at 7am without saying bye.

The horrifying part for me is that 3 men tried to "offer a rode" to a visibly drunk girl and somehow although blackout I was smart enough to say no. Thank god I was smart enough to say no.

This I am comfortable sharing.