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_refugee_  ·  1500 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: How to Design a City for Women

This is all funny because I landed on a "pad brand" (feminine products brand) when one went rogue and made all their boxes black with bright accent colors.

Maybe I'm wrong but in terms of anatomy we all have hands and they all work about the same. That's why I see pens for women failing: it's clear & deliberate pandering when no pandering need occur. I wanted to compare it to left-handed scissors except apparently some lefties do use 'em.

Cities with re-vamped designs that consider the female perspective, backed up by surveys about how individuals use various parts of the city (i.e., transpo)? I'm all for that. Sure, sometimes the survey results might seem sexist and yes, we don't want to reinforce sexism so we should be careful with that, but I see dealing with the gender differences that come out at the end of socialization (like how we use cities) not to complicate or cause those differences, but to accommodate them while they exist. Like I said, like treating black males for diabetes differently than white males: sure, the diabetes rate is probably caused in part by a number of facts that, at their root, are class issues. Should those class issues be solved? Yes. Would the diabetes rate in black men hopefully then conform more with white rates? Yes. But in the meantime, the doctor should treat these results of classism/racism by varying their patients' treatment and screenings accordingly. Breast cancer rates are way higher in women than men. Women get screened more. Based on surveys, stats - not sexism but demonstrated need. Will I be happy when I start having to get mammos? No. Do I recognize based on my gender it's a little more necessary? Yes.

Bright side: no dr needs to stick his latex-y fingers up my butt and check out my prostate.