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bioemerl  ·  2094 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: How to Design a City for Women

    By default, all cities are designed for men.

You... Do you really believe this?

No part of cities were designed in the way "would this work best for men and what men typically want?".

Cities are designed considering a number of things that depends on the city.

Some are pre-made, and are more works of art than anything else.

Some are built through people's decisions over a lot time, based on people moving in around a factory, then stores pop in around the people, etc.

Parks, apartment complexes, etc, are designed to appeal to people. Male or female.

The only thing you could say about cities that may not be "Designed around women" are cases such as parks or public transport.

I can't comment on parks. I have zero idea how parks come about or are made or designed. I always thought it was just a big grassy thing with signs in front of it and decorations. Cheap, easy, fast.

Public transport isn't something missing in cities, at least in most of the first world. It is only in the US where public transport is ignored and not really very good, and that is more because of the fact that cars are a huge thing here and distances are much longer. You can find cities with more public transport in some areas.