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galen  ·  3553 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hopping on a Soapbox -- Musings about Hubski

Hey, class of '15 here. High (school) five!

Thanks for sharing these reflections. I share a lot of your opinions about Hubski (and, it would seem, reddit), and it was great to read them so we'll articulated.

But I have to ask, since you mentioned mindless consumption, do you find yourself engaging in this sort of consumption even of the more intellectual content here? I've noticed that, regardless of the value of the content I consume, the factor that influences my retention more than anything else is the sheer amount of time I spend processing it. That's why I've actually been spending less time on Hubski lately - it's harder to justify than, say, watching a documentary or reading a book, because I'm more likely to recall how I spent that time.

That's my problem with bite/byte-sized culture in a nutshell. More thoughts to come in tomorrow's "50 days on Hubski!" post.