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kleinbl00  ·  1650 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski Update: This time it's personal

I can see the use, it's just not an approach I've taken before. Hang on...

Okay. It wouldn't occur to me to follow #relationships, but #relationships.nowaypablo maybe. We'll try that. He's posted once, though. #relationships.theadvancedapes seems like a good "ignore" candidate simply because he's posted from Buzzfeed and collegehumor... but I've got things dialed to the point where I don't see buzzfeed and collegehumor.

So I wandered into a tag I've filtered - #feminism. And what I see is not so much that there are people who I want to filter out of #feminism, what I see is that there are lots of useful interesting articles in #feminism but I don't see any of them because they've been tagged #feminism. Which is stupid:

- I follow #grrrlski

- I follow _refugee_

- but if ref posts something in grrrlski and someone else tags it #feminism it vanishes.

I filtered #feminism because lorelai was using it on blast. She's long since gone. I can unfilter #feminism. But it's gonna be a lot handier for me to filter #feminism.jezibel than #feminism.userwhoisnowgone. I can ignore everything lorelai has to say - I'd really rather ensure that I don't have to deal with gawker anything.

Here's where it gets really dumb - for some reason, this post shows up under #feminism, which means I didn't see it, even though it isn't tagged #feminism.

So yeah. I can see my way towards greater granularity, but the greater granularity I want you ain't givin'.