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I don't think i'd say that regarding pablo honey. Radiohead is my favorite band ever and i think all their music has its place. The Bends is a fantastic album but i wouldn't mention it in the same sentence as pablo honey unless i was pointing out how much better The Bends is (eg my earlier comment).

Pablo Honey is straightforward. It's poppy. Creep was a hit but i don't think it has any more value for music in general than any pop song out today. To me, Pablo Honey is like Mumford & Sons or The Lumineers... It scratches an itch the first couple times and then really starts to bother me. So i wouldn't call it amazing. Especially not when you consider what Radiohead are capable of. Dude, they made Kid A. It blows my mind how they can eschew the hit formula on a whim and still be the biggest band in the world.