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_refugee_  ·  1957 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: A Next-Gen Social Network

This is stupid.

    But finding yourself sitting in the same bar as your mom and dad – that’s horrifying.

    a new social network is needed.

I guess, one where your parents aren't present? Because it's really that big of a deal? Because we haven't already been policing our Facebook posts ever since we realized employers might turn them up in job posts? Because it's possible to create a social network and say "No parents allowed"? Because I guess most of us really care about that? (Clue: I don't. Clue Two: I brought my dad to my local bar the other week. Some of us don't have the problems this poster clearly does with social networks)

    It would be easier for me to go into business with someone when I can see their family and hobbies.

Yeah, but would it be easy for them to go into business with you knowing you are a self-admitted Tumblr perv? I guess that would just help them create a necessary "synergy and depth" for you to relate to them and want to work with them, right? (No.)

    What you get instead is akin to a useless “reward” in the form of likes, while Facebook counts its profits. We sell our content for peanuts and I believe, like many, that is about to come to an end.

So now I should be paid money for my pointless twitter quips? This just in: apparently I need to be monetarily rewarded in order to feel like contribuing to this social network. If that's the case what that really tells me is the social network isn't good enough to stand on its own.