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b_b  ·  3921 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: CDC Threat Report: ‘We Will Soon Be in a Post-Antibiotic Era’

Great analogy with the fish tank. Reports are very conclusive that there are effective ways of vastly limiting hospital infections that have literally nothing to do with more or better antibiotics (interestingly, as Semmelweiss [sp?] pointed out in the 19th c., nothing beats hand washing). The trick is to figure out ways of self policing, to encourage a culture of compliance rather than a do-this-or-get-fired mandate, which doesn't work, no matter how rough the incentives are.

As for the other elephant in the room, agriculture, good luck getting them to "rearrange" anything that costs them one dime or one second. The problem there is that good agriculture policy is DOA in Congress and the White House due to our silly electoral system.

Also, on a side note, the institution at which I work has been pioneering epidemiological work in exposure to animals among young children. As you obviously don't need to be told (but the community may not be aware), there are many heath benefits to exposing your kids to animals, especially decreased incidents of asthma and allergies (and I suspect, although there hasn't been enough time to study the issue, we will find that autoimmune diseases have lower rates in people who have pathogen exposures while young).