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The book Masquerade also features in this Game Developers Conference talk by Brain Moriarty called The Secret of Psalm 46.

It was included in the game The Witness (must play if you like puzzle games) because Jonathan Blow liked it so much.

This is really insightfull, thanks for sharing.

    The vulnerability of American infrastructure is not a secret, but exploiting it remains an act of war and contrary to Republican fantasies, few countries in the world want war with the US.

There are also non-state actors to worry about, some of which are already at war with the US.

I'm honestly more woried about losing the grid to a (cyber)sabotage attack than any nuclear incidents, because I think the probability is higher. But I'm really woried about climate change and the whole madness that is climate change denial. We (as in, the world) are losing precious time that we can't get back.

Hey hubskers (is there a preferred nomenclature?). Just discovered this site via a hackernews thread about reddit's new round of funding.

I just wanted to tell you guys that I love the form and function of this website, it seems like the perfect mix between social network and content aggregator. I also love the feeling of smaller internet communities, so I'm going to take the leap and jump right in.