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28 / male / United States of North America

Cannabis worker/activist

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If you have the patience to watch a 12 minute dual music video, i highly recommend Bronchos 'Sandman/Boys Got To Go'

I suggest first checking out their older stuff first to see if you can stand 12 minutes of newer material

Great article! I've never heard of Otzi and I am surprised that studies of his remains aren't used in more classrooms.

Also, I really enjoy your article site!

Great band, got into them from discovering an Osborne remix of their song "Singularity"

Current top 4 of my repeat list:

Amen Dunes - 'Miki Dora'

Spoon - 'Inside Out'

Fenster - 'Better Days'

Cobra Man - 'Everybody Party Tonight'
taintnun  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Weekly Photo Challenge: Still Life

Absolutely love the macro of the JLC. Something about it is extremely nostalgic, if that would even be the correct term to use.