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Can't help but agree with the author. "Woke-pop" is a sad thing to read or write.

Ah, yes - I knew that! But had forgotten. I was sure I was missing something but wrote anyways. Thank you for correcting me :)

Even so, I still feel that being able to double (or whatever the fork decides) the amount of "valid" coins in circulation - even if they're forked coins, on a different mining network, with different code, etc. etc. etc. - with a 'simple' fork critically undermines the claim that cryptocurrencies (bitcoin in particular) and their holders will benefit from deflationary supply. Which means that we end up trusting each other that forked coins won't be dumped into markets, or used to manipulate systems, and then we end up back where we started - having to trust that people won't fuck with the "trust-less" blockchains.

I think an important piece of information to remember is that most (any?) of these coins can be hard-forked - and with a strong enough marketing machine behind the hard fork, can create as many bajillion more coins that are nearly identical as the "original", pre-fork coins.

I don't know if that makes a real difference to this discussion, but I think it does. If the traditional markets, investors, businesses, and mom-pop shops continue with crypto F.O.M.O., these forked coins are likely to become manipulative tools to suck more fiat out of people.

I've read ZeroHedge on and off over the years... I feel that they've been calling for catastrophe Stateside for some time now. I've started to wonder if they cry wolf to get eyeballs - or maybe they're paid by actors with motivation to cause financial turmoil. Thoughts?

madmatt112  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Stone Drug

Thank you for sharing - I enjoy being reminded there is more to life than what's new... Sometimes, what's been around for awhile is what's good.

Thanks much - works great for me now.

Your site has timed out for me both today and yesterday... is it dead? Did we kill it? Did you take it offline? I really would like to see it!

And here I am just sittin' in Edmonton, Alberta wishing we had any transit options that worked.

Big ups for this, it's helpful to me as I strike out on my own career.

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Just a thought: could be useful if some want to watch together (simultaneously).

My Dad got laid off a few months ago and is still looking for a new position. We had a long visit a few weeks before he was let go, and one of the things we spoke about is how he grew up hearing his father and uncles hating unions, bashing them constantly. They're all from Nova Scotia and are all blue collar with a tinge of white for the schoolteachers. Naturally, Dad says he also grew up disliking unions (to a lesser degree them they), and never saw their benefit. Of course, until 2009 he was, for 25 years, a self-employed owner of a two-man carpentry business and unions never really affected him. This changed when the economy slumped and work dried up. He took a few different jobs as supervisor, surveyor, safety guy and so on, none of them unionized.

As we spoke that day, he told me how his views on unions had changed now that he was an non-unionized employee with little rights or bargaining power. He felt that the attitude in the workplace would be more positive and supportive if people were invested in a union together, and they felt that someone had their backs. Instead, apathy, divisiveness, and mistrust coloured the business' operations, and sure enough people started getting the axe within weeks of our conversation.

For his part, he walked in on a Friday, was cornered in a meeting room, and let go on the spot. This is to say nothing of the intense care requirements my disabled mother has at home, and his employer knew this.

I don't know where I'm really going with this, but typing it out helped me to process my frustration and helplessness, watching my father by ground down by capitalism's shortcomings.

We both live in Alberta, Canada, for information's sake.

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