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Thanks for your comment. My least favourite part is how everything compresses and melts in the center of the painting where the perspective point is. My favourite part is the vibrancy of that large green plant and the sense of atmosphere it gives, as well as the sense of space the glass ceiling creates.

kazren  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Bad books?

My theory became that the writer is a desperate housewife.

There was one point near the beginning of the book where I just had to put it down from laughter because she said her orgasm was like "the spins cycles of the laundry machine". That is not sexy nor does it make sense.

I'm ESL and I definitely write better.

Yeah, but it's the middle of winter and it was -14C outside. Once the sun went over the building horizon, it started getting pretty cold.

Smell? I don't think the flowers were actively giving scent. Didn't smell like gasoline or sewage though, so that's nice.

I've always had this problem sitting through art history courses talking about contemporary art: if you want to see it as the new art that it is, stop defining it by old art and old practices. He's say our outdated understanding of art is what prevents us from seeing digital art as art, then continues to do so himself by writing about it in those terms!

This statement... jesus, so much bias! "So far, though, the contents of mainstream ‘culture’ – the art, design, music and film that are the usual stock in trade of the Barbican Centre in London, the Lincoln Center in New York, or the Sydney Opera House – are remarkably unaffected by the digital revolution taking place in our daily lives."

First off, mainstream culture still counts as culture and stop being pretentious by putting in quotes like it doesn't because it's not necessarily what is called "high culture". Second - are you kidding, Tom? Have you been in a coma for the past 2 or 3 decades and not witnessed the significant change in music, art, film? We have electronic music when not so long we didn't even have the capacity to record multi-tracks, and films have gone from using film to relying heavily on CG. 3D is a completely new field and it is regarded as art, and so is digital painting and photo manipulation. He still seems to be suck at the point of history where photography was questioned as an art form, and A LOT has changed since then. Maybe his definition of digital art is too closed.

Digital art is "data" and "algorithms" - yeah no shit... CG is algorithms, electronic music is algorithms, even digital painting is what it is because the program's algorithms give it a distinct look. To say that digital art is there to be artistically innovative... well... that's always been one of the roles of any art form. To be culturally relevant and represent the time period it's made in? Yeah that's not new or exclusive to digital art. Textbook.

The traditional qualifiers for art are galleries, art shows, and experts placing value on a work...With how quickly everything is changing, I think the world is moving beyond this and this is what art is having difficulty with. A system that worked doesn't work anymore. Digital art is definitely appreciated and regarded as art, but not under the textbook terms.

kazren  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Artists Fleeing NYC

What`s the burner community?

I'm entirely freelance and haven't worked for any company yet.

Quick google of Montreal led me to this gem: candied bacon jerky, beef jerky.

Hate to inject myself, but Society6 is having free shipping for Cyber Monday and I sell art products and prints through them. Not to mention, tonnes of other artists! Here's friend 1 & friend 2 as well.

Homemade Montreal Pies

I'm gonna keep updating as I find things.

Some of these made me miss Redwall.

I'm an artist and I wouldn't mind contributing a piece of concept art if this actually gets off the ground. The thing is, I haven't done unpaid work since ever and it's very hard for me to say "yeah sure :)" because 1) I've had my work stolen before 2) I've worked on tonnes of projects that have been a complete waste of time (ie. never finished, ended up the selfish person's closet instead of actually enjoyed by people) 3) I'm not in a good place financially. So I don't know where I sit even though my initial reaction was excited. Here's my current CA portfolio...

What I get out of this is that, even though there are different styles of thinking, ultimately it comes down to seeking out patterns and coming to rules we follow consciously or unconsciously.

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