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Thanks for the links, I'm always on a look out for something to read. Bookmarked.

I tried it out just a few days back, gotta say it is amazing. The templates, and ease of use are well suited for someone like me who has a good taste in art but knows nothing of photoshop or the advanced softwares out there.

Not surprised to see reddit on number 4, more than 70% of the sites traffic is from the US I believe

investing is the best method. saving at the bank so you get interest annually, or investing funds or stock market!

Great honor. You remind me of the movie Dunkirk.

I don't know man.,...I would not live in this life with such guilty.

good stuff bro good stuff.

Thanks for the good story. Ill stay awesome as you said

looking awesome to me. Especially this is a portrait. and you are more like a landscaping person. Great job. I bet your family loved your work.

jayuogakai  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Stone Drug

Where is this place at? I want to visit.

No way........I am so jealous of those who invested earlier time..

Yeah I see that too. I mean Bitcoin is like a main and major tool of investment, whereas Ethereum is similar but less popularity and cheap. I think Ethereum should have its own traits.