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A hardworking gent in the automotive industry (30+ years). I like being a faithful husband to a great wife, and an attentive grandfather to the five grandchildren we currently have. I like sponsoring Compassion International kids, helping friends and family, and contributing to animal shelters. Like guitar and golf and go cart racing. like public policy exchanges (not political sound byte crap!), and I believe the founders had it right when they warned that an uniformed and ignorant electorate is one of the greatest dangers to the Constitutional Republic.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."....Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816

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And just so you know, I throw stones at the Pubs when they deserve it .

So, because she shared via You Tube Dennis's link makes all her research futile - right? I am not a follower of Dennis Prager myself. I am sure you can find the same info on numerous sites. I am sure that you are more of an expert on the history of the Democrat party than she - perhaps yes? Who founded the Democrat Party hmmm?Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic-Republican platform, it was made more popular under Andrew Jackson who was responsible for the Cherokee "Trail of Tears" along with William T. Sherman of Civil War fame . Check that history out .

But, in case you don't like that link, you can look at this one:

Oh, and nobody else does that on this site right ?

Oh, racism exists and is found in all races to one extent or another. Not blind to it, just not sold that racism is to be found "under every rock" so to speak. Does white racism still exist? Unfortunately yes. Does black racism exist? Unfortunately yes. I could go on about every race or ethnic origin. Do a majority of any ethic group practice racism or support it - no! As for the "thoughtful conservative" comment: I am sure only liberals or progressives own the "thoughtful" space - NOT! A reading of the Federalist papers or Anti- Federalist papers would prove that "thoughtful debate or discussion" is not owned by any particular political leaning. Just because someone has a different perspective doesn't make them less contemplative. I guess if that is "galling ", then count me in. One can read of the "intolerance" practiced on many college campuses to shut down any discussion other than what "I" agree with and see where the intolerance of free and open discussion is quite evident. Oh, give me my "safe space"!

hootsbox  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: It Just Makes Common Sense

Misguided, but all too typical, California ruling (formulated by mostly Democrat state legislators)

hootsbox  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Common Sense Rules Again

This is what this case was about and that is the reason for the "narrow ruling". As the majority stated, more will be decided in the courts as time goes on. This was a victory for this artist, and the State of Colorado should pay reparations for the damage their bigoted and based actions caused this business owner. So, I disagree. This was a victory for the cake artist and his conscience and for the abuse of citizens by biased governmental adjudication bodies which acted like a fascists (forcing their governmental power inappropriately upon individual citizens).

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The victory in this case is twofold: A person who did not dicriminate against gays in general, was vindicated in his objection to affirming a behavioral practice he did not agree with. Furthermore, he sold cakes to LGBT folks that did not "celebrate" the practice. He also declined to do custom cakes for folks who overtly deamaned gay people, or certain Halloween cakes, or white supremacist groups. So, his objection to using his art to support behavior that he objected to, as a matter of religious conscience was affirmed. Secondly, it showed the abuse of certain religious tenants by governmental entities which happens more often in the last 20 years. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission would probably have censored George Washington's innaguaral speech. This bigoted, biased, and overtly antagonistic body, towards people of faith, should be disciplined for their behavior and point of view as far as jurisprudence.

That is another discussion.

A nonsequiteur to the discussion. You miss the point.

If it wasn't for the Republicans it would never have passed. You only tell half the story here. More Democrats voted against it than Republicans. Bt just in case anybody is reading, here is the actual count by House and Senate. So, my point isn't Southern or Northern (remember more Northern Congressional delegates voted AGAINST the 14th amendment.

Which party supported the 14th Amendment?

The 14th Amendment, which gave citizenship to freed slaves. 94% of Republicans supported this while no Democrats did. The 15th Amendment, which gave the right to vote to all native born had 100% of Republican support and no Democrat.Sep 3, 2016

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Yes, Clinton's and Obama's tact were SO SUCCESSFUL - NOT!

hootsbox  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Good Point Governor

Especially for the mentally ill - agreed! I support universal background checks, and checking into those persons who have behavioral/mental issues. THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE GUNS! The shooting in Florida was not really about guns, but about a failure of the system to stop this nutcase from having a gun. However, with knife attacks lately, should we outlaw knives? Should we also outlaw trucks? What about dynamite? There was a man, at the turn of the 20th century and in objection to property taxes, used a truck full of dynamite to blow up a Michigan school and kill about 45 people: teachers and children?

Maybe we should outlaw fists, so the people like MS13 cannot beat someone to death. Why not baseball bats; they can kill you? The point is that a personal sense of the value of individual life is the best safeguard to the abuse of any type of weapon or act of aggression with any tool. If I really value your life, I will not beat you to death for your Nike tennis shoes.

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