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Thanks! It might do, I'm a bit scared still, I don't know what to expect but I'm just going with it!
Fair enough, thanks but you linking to it gives DailyMail more traffic which is a shame.
No DailyMail links please, they're worse than America's Fox News.
Thank you. Well I'm hoping to make my way from Nepal to Goa, I know I won't be there for long enough to see the whole country but at least it'll be a taste!
Can we make a list of awesome YT channels like this one to subscribe to?
Sounds to me like the man was a bit psychotic.
Thanks, I haven't surfed in almost 2 months, I'm going a little bit insane :/
Travel, I'm going to India for the first time this summer; surf surf surf; do a masters in a subject I like; create, surfing is sort of part of it but I need more; write down some thoughts I have. I don't know really.