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Very interesting! I assume once you combine this with speech recognition you'll be able to completely live in a bubble empty of anything censorship worthy, be it opinions you disagree with yourself or maybe even hardcoded autocensors (like swearwords). Finally parents will be able to let their kids on the street without having to worry that they'll hear dangerous words or ideas.

working as receptionist at a small boutique hotel (5 rooms!), managed to be promoted to supervisor a few months ago but I#m frankly full of the drama that's going on behind the scenes. made myself so essential that I was able to leverage a reduction in hours (40h/week to 20/h week + 5 working from home) and a 50% pay raise.

now I'll have time to work on music, make 3d prints with a friend and spend more time with my wife! yay! :)

if foobars interface is too minimal for you, then you haven't digged deep enough yet. ;)

(psst! &

winamp used to be my go-to media player back in..... well, a long long time ago.

nowadays I'd recommend either foobar (very flexible, although it can be a bit heavy modifying it to work the way you want it to) or musicbee.

sadly mp3toys stopped developing... back when mp3toys v2 came out it was the best thing on the market, but the developer basically disappeared. :(

edit: I currently use foobar with the DarkOne Theme. And it seems like they just released a new version that looks awesome! You can find it here: :)

I've really been into Karenn lately :3

My guess is that those animals might be representative of certain houses or people.