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I start to notice my tinnitus when I'm in bed, so in addition to a fan I'll play a recording of rain on a car roof or something similar. Occasionally I'll throw on the latest Giant Bombcast.

As much as I love the movie, I have a soft spot for The Wall - Live in Berlin.

I really like imgur's browser plugins and get the most mileage out of their right-click context menu. Makes rehosting and sharing images super easy.

Miles Davis is always the correct answer. I'd struggle to find a song of his that wouldn't be appropriate for just about any situation.

If I have time to spare I'll throw on Amon Tobin's "At the End of the Day." It's appropriate for a rainy drive while still allowing me to concentrate on the road if it's pouring hard enough.

I picked up a 3DS around launch and used it for the better part of a year. The steroscopic effect is pretty nifty and the hardware is solid enough but my issue is that I like the idea of having a portable system moreso than actually using it. I just don't find myself in situations where they're that useful. In the end I put the trade-in funds towards a GPU upgrade which has served me well.

I enjoyed the time I spent with my WiiU, but judging by the recent Nintendo Directs I won't be regretting my decision to sell it any time soon. While it's a really nifty piece of hardware at a competitive price, I've never been that jazzed about Nintendo's first-party offerings and I likely will never be. That said, I'll be sad to miss out on Bayonetta 2.

From what I understand this is an intent-to-use trademark. At the onset, they're given six months to use the property, at the very least compelling them to announce something. However, they can apply for a 6-month extension and that extension can be applied for up to 5 times. Essentially, we should be guaranteed to see something about Half-Life 3 within the next 3 years.

Given its influence on the genre, it probably doesn't hold up terribly well against modern standards. If you consider it in context though, it was released alongside DOOM 3, Fable, GTA: San Andreas, Star Wars: Battlefront, and Far Cry, making it much more appreciable. It's definitely worth playing if you haven't already. As for the original Half-Life, you can buy it fairly cheaply on Steam or you can play the fan-developed remake Black Mesa, which gets the gist across in a modern framework. Bear in mind, though, that Black Mesa requires that you own at least one Source game (Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 2, etc. Not sure if TF2 counts).