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War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning by Chris Hedges. I read it, damn, over 10 years ago when I was a sophomore/junior in high school. I can't even remember too much from the book but that's not the point. This book blew apart my adolescent brain and sent me on a quest for knowledge. I had an awesome US History teacher that politely entertained my ideas and passed on books/authors/research to me. I'm so glad I read that book, even though much of Hedges' current work and views on religion makes me cringe. This was the spark that got me going.

Word! I haven't had a chance to listen to Spencer's band yet but I had the same thought about the father/son dynamic, but Holllly hell can he drum. I love how the album kicks off in what seems to be a really weird time signature when it's actually 3/4 --- very cool stuff.

I'll be sure to check out The Blisters. All the best to you!

Just wanted to put this out there: I'm a Neil Young fanatic. If anyone wants to get into his music or know about some deep cuts, I'm your man. Get at me!

Phenomenal record. What do you think of the "Tweedy" record? Some real gems in there but personally I think they could've trimmed little fat to make a more solid cohesive piece of work. I would've preferred that with the other songs released as b-sides, but hey, it's their call and I love the material.

My Tweedy jam:

I don't fast in the AM but typically don't eat a solid meal until early afternoon. A piece of wheat toast with peanut butter and some black coffee gets me going just fine. I graze throughout the day mostly. The 3 square meals a day baffles me, but that could be because I like being able to feast at night and not worry about empty beer calories haha.

Sounds similar to my experience at the bar I worked at. I was mostly referring to the fact that management doesn't listen to suggestions from bar staff and think they know everything despite only mainly working during off hours. I miss coming home with wads of cash in my pockets but glad to ditch that lifestyle. Cheers

I live in the state of Oregon and cannabis is legal now as of July 1st. I can tell you that it's a huge sigh of relief. In Oregon you're able to possess up to 1oz on your person in public and up to 8oz in your residence. You are also able to legally have 4 plants out of public view at your residence. You can be ticketed for smoking in public though- smoking must be done on private property.

I've been using cannabis almost daily for over a decade and it feels amazing to not fear the police. Aside from weed I've never had anything to hide from law enforcement. Other than that it won't change much for me. I plan on keeping my same connection.

Employers are still able to drug test you despite it being legal at the state level because cannabis is illegal under federal law. Oh well, one step at a time. I think legalization is going to spread across the U.S. very quickly. It will be hard for states to say no when they see all the money cannabis brings in from taxes.

Wow that's a shame, and I've heard it from so many people in the industry. Management should really listen to people behind the bar. They have their ears to the ground and know the happenings better than anyone. I have no idea what your bar was/is like but the one I worked at made its money from the regulars. Gotta keep em happy. I suppose if you're in a bar with a ton of walkins all the time it wouldn't matter as much but still...

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Wow.. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

No need to apologize! That sounds delicious. I tended bar for ~2 years before my current gig, so I can see how that would sell itself.

My wife is slowly reintroducing gluten to her diet, so I'm trying to open her up to the world of beer. Actually started her out on raddlers and she loves them, annnnnd who doesn't love a margarita? Win + win.

Since we're on the topic of "panty droppers", have you tried deep eddy ruby red vodka? Dee-licious. I drink it with a couple of rocks just to cool it, while I'm sipping on a light summer beer. Serve it on the rocks with soda and a lime wedge to make a basic cocktail. You really can't go wrong with it. See if your liqour distributor can get it for you, introduce it to your regulars, and before you know it it it'll be flying off the shelf (or out of wherever you keep the Jäger).

Try out deep eddy rub red and I'll make myself and/or my wife a Don's Johnson? Pic or it didn't happen. You in? I have no connection to deep eddy, it's just so well done. Not at all sickly sweet or syrupy like smirnoff and the like.

PS I came upon the handle of Don Johnson because my sloppy signature once read as such.