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Most ridiculous Mars landing ever
mike 1044 days ago  ·  shared by 10
video  ·  #spacemars

This is the most hare-brained idea I've ever seen. I sure hope it works. Damn, that would be sweet.

mk 1044 days ago   ·   link
I am going to be very angry if this doesn't work. We have two rovers there that have proven an alternate landing strategy. Of course, they are smaller, but why don't we send four more Opportunities with different instruments on each, instead of one big Curiosity with such a intricate landing sequence?

Mars is littered with failed spacecraft.

mike 1044 days ago   ·   link
The score is 24-16, failures vs. successes. Another failure would make it all square numbers. That would be kinda cool.
steve 1042 days ago   ·   link
this is why I love you mike.
mike 1044 days ago   ·   link

At 4:20 he says, "20 meters about the surface we have to lower the rover on a tether that's 21 feet long." Ummm... remember the last time NASA mixed up metric and English units? That probe never slowed down and smashed into Mars.

Suddenly, I'm very nervous for this mission. ("Why isn't the tether long enough? We made it 21 feet long and the skycrane is only 20 meters from the surface!")

mk 1044 days ago   ·   link
If I was President, I'd issue an executive order to get us on the damned metric system.
mike 1044 days ago   ·   link
I've been in Europe for 4 years now, and totally loving the metric system. Amazing how quickly one can get used to it. Especially good for building things, folks slip between meters, decimeters, centimeters, and millimeters often without giving units. "We need that 310 long... no, better make it 3105." No confusion.
croisillon 1041 days ago   ·   link
While we are at it, I'd love to switch to a decimal daytime measurement as well, instead of that stupid 24x60x60 thing
mike 1041 days ago   ·   link
Heck yeah! We need a 10 hour day with 100 minutes in an hour and 100 seconds in a minute. Each second would be slightly shorter, there would be about 7 new seconds in 6 old seconds.

A 30 old minute TV program would run about 25 new minutes, which in the new system is a quarter hour. One new hour would be 2:24 old hours, so a standard movie with commercials would have a run-time of about one new hour.

Metric time was proposed when France was putting the metric system in place, but it was rejected because people did not want to give up their timepieces which were often the most valuable thing people owned.

And how about a 13-month calendar while we're at it?

croisillon 1041 days ago   ·   link
Reducing the second would wreck havoc in UNIX timestamps!
mike 1044 days ago   ·   link
This is one of the best NASA videos I've seen. They're finally paying attention to making good vids. My wish list: tell us whether you're using Fahrenheit or Celcius. THere's a big difference between 1600°C and F. Tell us what the numbers mean. Do we really know how hot 1600° (C or F) is? Do we know what 65000 pounds of force is? Can you give us a meaningful unit, like how many elephants is that?

Still, well done NASA!

mk 1044 days ago   ·   link
I wish I could turn off the music. It's intense enough for me as it is. :/

But, I agree about the lack of a units. I'm guessing that it is Fahrenheit.

mike 1044 days ago   ·   link
It makes the numbers more dramatic. Be sure to use an impressive unit.

[start heavy metal music] "My skin has a surface area which is more than an unbelievable 1.75 TRILLION square micrometers."

thenewgreen 1044 days ago   ·   link
    This is one of the best NASA videos I've seen. They're finally paying attention to making good vids.
-Agreed! That was really awesome Mike! I am in complete awe right now. All of it is so damned cool but especially the point at which the rover is dangling from the delivery craft, it's amazing. I'm speechless.
steve 1042 days ago   ·   link

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