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comment by OftenBen

This anecdote bears repeating.

The Sunday after January 6th, the pastor at my in laws church gave a tearful sermon about how 'Things didn't go the way we wanted on January 6th.'

This isn't in Alabama.

This isn't in Kentucky.

This is here, in metro Detroit.

kleinbl00  ·  72 days ago  ·  link  ·  

You think the important sentence in your post is "This is here, in metro Detroit." It's not. The important sentence is 'Things didn't go the way we wanted on January 6th."

The 'Wingers' favorite gun shop is walking distance from me. I am 20 blocks from the King County line, right here in the "failed socialist state of Seattle" or whateverdafukk Trump said. And lemme tell ya - I could saunter into Lynnwood Gun right now and buy a half-rack of AR15s or whatever.


Ask Trump - nobody likes a loser. Yeah you can be a Browns fan, but not in public. Not unless they win something. And Jan 6th? That was a LOSS. That was a BIG loss. That was the biggest of bigly big losses because it demonstrated that you can shine shit on for four years because most of us value the rules and regulations of the republic but as soon as you really and truly cross over into "do we wanna be Eritrea?" people just don't, man.

There's a very real dynamic at play in these here United States since Reagan or before: Democrats build shit, Republicans tear it down. The Republicans know this - as do the Democrats. There's an additive phase and a subtractive phase to American progress and the Republicans decided this time the subtractive would be really subtractive while also pretending to be additive and there weren't enough legitimate diplomats on the right to keep the plane from hammerhead stalling.

And now everyone can go back to hating the democrats while buying marketplace health insurance and driving on newly-patched roads and enjoying the worldly goods that globalism grants them.

Your inlaws' pastor doesn't give a fuck about any of this, of course. His job is to stoke anger. It's to tell the chuds who to blame for their misfortune. Always has been, always will be. When life isn't going your way it's someone else's fault, always. But your pastor also knows that his job is a whole lot easier when the other team has the ball and the Republican's entire last possession was safetys and self-owns that ran out the playbook and showed how terrible they are at Hail Marys.

Is the Republic safe? No, not really, because ChudLocal is still a catstrophuck. But your constant clarion call of "there are CONSERVATIVES! in DETROIT!" is the whole of the problem. Point at the bad man, ask your friends to share your disgust, do nothing.