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comment by steve
steve  ·  698 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Cryptocurrency is a disaster

I was waiting for your response, and it didn’t disappoint. Take a bow my friend. That’s a quality bl00 takedown.

kleinbl00  ·  697 days ago  ·  link  ·  

There's a lie at the heart of it tho

    Well that was entertaining.

Not gonna lie. This fuckin' post ruined my afternoon and most of my evening. 'cuz it fucking sucks to be called a criminal, a degenerate, a cheat and a gullible scam artist by people you've never met, you'll never meet, that you've never heard of before, but who will gleefully assert to a joyously appreciative audience that the act of spending $670 on Bitcoin in fuckin' 2015 makes me morally inferior to El Chapo.

'cuz here's the thing: in Western culture, wealth implies success, success implies virtue. We don't care how you get it. Narcos isn't about how awful drug dealers are. Nobody wears a Pacino Scarface t-shirt because they empathize with his strong morals. The difference between Batman and Rorschach is Batman is fucking rich. Western civ has admired the Protestant work ethic, and its visible marker wealth, since Martin Fucking Luther.

But not if you earned it through crypto.

So all these thought leaders with big opinions about tech, morality, innovation, fairness, altruism... they can rest assured that I'm the bad guy, that they can tell everyone that I'm the bad guy, that everything I do is evil, because I bothered to dig a little deeper and go "so what's money anyway" and take a calculated risk. And now I'm destroying the environment, destroying the internet, destroying the government, destroying the economy and probably strangling puppies in my spare time because I have a fucking Gemini account.

And it's just too fucking much.

First time I tapped any crypto equity was to buy more crypto. The second time I tapped any crypto equity was to pay for a buddy's dialysis treatment. Fourth time was to buy into the startup of a few friends who got me into crypto 'cuz you know what? They're pretty clever, they're trying to change the world, they've got earnest altruistic aims and I believe in them.

Third time? Was to buy a used basic bitch Porsche for Prius money. But now, as far as the world is concerned, I'm a walking, talking Lambo meme.

And THAT is the toxicity that assholes like this guy should be railing about. Because fuckin' hell, it's what makes us keep our crypto holdings and opinions secret, rather than going "hey, friend, I think this stuff might change the world, you should perhaps look into it."

No lie. I refuse to discuss Crypto with anyone until they've agreed to read David Graeber. Because I don't need the fucking holier-than-thou blowback anymore.