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comment by veen

Woww. That's such an obscenely large amount of money that k cannot help but worry about the size of the problem it's trying to avail.

To help put it into perspective, I quite like the staircase analogy that I came across recently on Reddit:

    I like to use the analogy of a staircase, with each step on the staircase representing $100,000 of net worth. That's several years of working wages saved up for tens of millions of Americans.

    HALF of people in the united states are on the base or the very 1st step. Almost 200 million people who can't even get one step up in this system.

    Those with more money than 90% of fellow Americans, millionaires who we consider our upper-middle class professional class and live more than comfortably, are on the 11th step. A few more seconds of walking up from that previous middle-class step. Most Americans won't even come close to accumulating this much over an entire lifetime of working.


    Jeff Bezos? He's so high up it only makes sense to describe his staircase in distance. His stairs take him up 133 miles. That's more than halfway to the space station. That's more than 24 consecutive Mt. Everest's stacked on top of each other. It would take walking, non-stop, no sleep, over two weeks to ascend that high, each single step worth more than five poverty-level families in America combined.

Every 36 hours, a Bezos staircase is pumped into the economy.

kleinbl00  ·  482 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I think between Trump's latest trepidations, Antonio Brown, the hurricane in Texas and the climate marches, there's plenty in the news today... but I'm aghast that nobody's really talking about this.

And while we're talking about governmental money rather than people money, it's still a formidable amount of money.

That little ski jump is the past four days. Add another 1.7 trillion dollars.