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comment by kleinbl00

Moser gets my respect because they get like $10k for watches whose dials are literally spray painted. And because they like to be dicks. It's entirely possible they're pranking the whole world with that rendering of a shiny Vantablack dial, because I think there's another (bankrupt) jeweler that has exclusive use of Vantablack in watchmaking.

When you say "Constantin" do you mean "Vacheron Constantin" or "Konstantin Chaykin"? Because I'll always have a soft spot for VC because they were nice to me (and they make really pretty watches the hard way) but the balloon is eh for me. Konstantin Chaykin annoys me because they make expensive jokes.

I pull for Czapek (and I pull for Ming) because they're tiny. Not to my taste but good on 'em.

My personal favorites? I pull for Chanel because in my opinion they're doing two important things: (1) making watches for women, instead of taking men's watches and bedazzling them (2) integrating skeleton design into jewelry rather than taking a normal movement, skeletonizing it and calling it a watch. That said, the Boyfriend is dumbly expensive and it isn't as cool as the Camellia.

Despite the fact that Bulgari is gauche AF, the Octo Finissimo is a mechanical marvel. Not mentioned is it's the thinnest goddamn watch in the world and shit.

And the Krayon is amazing. It's stupid expensive, nobody needs one, and it's amazing.

demure  ·  742 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Holy. The Krayon is amazing.

kleinbl00  ·  742 days ago  ·  link  ·  

the VC is a prettier watch but the Krayon does a better job of displaying sunrise and sunset.

And the Ochs & Junior is a factor of ten cheaper but you gotta send it into the shop to get new cams cut if you move.