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comment by KapteinB

I'm not very familiar with 4chan and its like, so I have what is probably s dumb question:

Since the whole point of these message boards are the anonymity of users, how can we know that all of these Q posts are in fact made by the same person?

am_Unition  ·  945 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I had thought that there was a possibility to maintain the same 6 character alphanumeric identifier as your poster ID on 8chan, but looking at screenshots of "famous" "QAnon" posts, that is apparently not the case.

So yes, in addition to having no way of verifying that QAnon is who they claim to be (some well-connected, high up government source), we have no way to verify that anyone else claiming to be QAnon is the same QAnon. Minor detail COUGH

...BuT yOu'LL kNoW tHe TrUtH wHeN yOu HeAr It, kApTeiNb, JuSt LiStEN tO uR hEArT