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comment by kleinbl00

Okay. I'm sorry. Let's take a step back:

If the artistic intent is to shine a light on the changing media landscape, I'm not missing it: Racism and antisemitism were rampant in the '40s and they aren't now, while media involvement in normalization is every bit as prevalent. The latter is directly caused by the former. This is a good thing.

Kupperman is making the lazy, easy, knee-jerk liberal move of going zero-to-Hitler in five seconds or less and it's fucking tedious. The media has always been manipulated by the state and always will be: Operation Mockingbird was Allan Dulles' propaganda arm during the '50s and it's not like he sat out WWII. This shit wasn't subtle; here's 1944:

Meanwhile, his argument is that Trump won't condemn racists, a right-wing columnist in the New York Times won't condemn Stephen Miller who's Jewish, by the way and that ZOMG there are racists on the Internet. Therefore, equivalency.

No equivalency.

There are a million remixes of Richard Spencer getting decked on the Internet, too, and the alt-right can't hold a march without being outnumbered 10:1. Are there too many racists in America? Probably always going to be true. Have they been emboldened by a reactionary populist in the White House? Probably also always going to be true.

But putting "the necessity of Stephen Miller" in a panel next to "Americans Unearth Nazi Murder Factory" is a fucking bridge too far and it diminishes everything real that Trump has brought upon us.

And it's fucking tedious.

tacocat  ·  967 days ago  ·  link  ·  

If you wanted me to read and consider your opinion you'd have been less of a dick earlier

As it stands you can fuck right the hell off