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comment by kleinbl00
kleinbl00  ·  239 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Megan Fox Thinks Archaeologists Are Too Narrow Minded to Understand History

Mutherfucker Ancient Aliens is in its thirteenth season.

    Said Fox: “I would describe myself as a seeker. A seeker is someone who is never content to have obtained enough knowledge. History only gives us a one-sided view of the truth. That’s something I know from personal experience. My own history has been rewritten by other people who had a vested interest in changing the narrative. I haven’t spent my entire life building a career in academia so I don’t have to worry about my reputation or being rebuked by my colleagues, which allows me to push back on the status quo. So much of our history needs to be re-examined.”

Honestly, I would much rather have a bored hot chick ask "were there Amazons" than pointyhair going all Von Daniken on everything.

    Now she is embarking on an epic and personal journey across the globe, where archaeologists and experts will re-examine history, asking tough questions and challenging the conventional wisdom that has existed for centuries. The series will delve into some of the greatest mysteries of time, including whether Amazon women really existed or if the Trojan War was real.

An "epic and personal journey across the globe." Okay, we're shooting for four episodes; that's 160 minutes of content. Who's the production company?

    Production company Karga Seven Pictures, based in Los Angeles and Istanbul, specializes in factual, scripted and branded content. Productions include Hunting Hitler for History, Booze Traveler for Travel Channel, Shot in the Dark for Netflix, City of Secrets for Fox Turkey, and Hard to Killfor Discovery Channel.

With international travel, you're going to have host, makeup, line producer and maaaaayyyyybe a shooter/AC/etc guy. Everything else is gonna be local crew. This is splinter shit; Golf Channel-level production. If it weren't for some site getting their panties in a twist you wouldn't even know about it. Be honest. When was the last time you even thought about Megan Fox? I needed to figure out if she was Lindsay Lohan.

I think she is.

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tacocat  ·  239 days ago  ·  link  ·  

But with tits. Yeah. Sure. Three seasons at least. That's my first impression.

But based on the meathead, dumbass junkies I've had to put up with for eighteen months who thought they were pursuing serious intellectual goals by watching Ancient Aliens in a search for some fucking thing and seeking some deeper truth to human existence instead of giving it up to God like the Big Book says, oh yeah, this is fucking ratings gold.

francopoli  ·  239 days ago  ·  link  ·  

    When was the last time you even thought about Megan Fox? I needed to figure out if she was Lindsay Lohan.

I looked up this Fox person on IMDB and have seen exactly zero movies and TV he's been involved with. I figured that they would pull in a few sponsors, say makeup and travel companies and then everything else they get is profit. Come to think of it, I looked up Lindsey Lohan and I have seen exactly zero TV and movies with her involved. All I remember her from, honestly is the whack ass nonsense lawsuit against GTA5

    Mutherfucker Ancient Aliens is in its thirteenth season.

.... HOW? I really hate this timeline. I'm so glad I don't watch TV or movies any more.

kleinbl00  ·  239 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Makeup companies never sponsor tiny shit because there's no guarantee their stuff will look good and the prodco doesn't wanna be forced to only use shots the makeup company approves. "Travel" companies? Can you name one?

Travel Channel greenlit four episodes of television. Shit's gonna be stupid cheap.

I'm just going to leave you with this.