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comment by _refugee_

Halloween decorations.

How to:

1. Hoard empty paper towel and toilet paper holders in summer months when the thought of Halloween is simply laughable

2. october: with foam sponge brushes paint the tube outsides black. let dry

3. paint interior: paint 1in from each opening of tube black, let dry

4. cardstock or construction paper. look up some pictures of DIY bats other people have done online. fail to find a template

5. fold cardstock in half like hamburger. freehand wing design. cut out.

6. repeat. make them all different. experiment with the best looking wing. 2 wings/page easy, 3 wings/page pushing it.

7. take black paper towel tubes and examine rim. push down 1 side of outer rim (bending inwards). push down rim segment directly opposing.

8. flip tube and repeat. take care to align push points. we are forming the ears and feet on the bat body with this

9. repeat til all your tubes have ears and feet

10. hot glue wings on bodies

11. if you're fancy take an awl punch holes and thread your modafinil using a curved needle through each bat. tie in loops tape up. do not recommend scotch tape the bats will fall. Recommend punching 1 hole on bat body above wing below indent, and other hole on the indented back "bat ear" portion of tube. this helps bats hang most upright. if you're not fancy just use a needle and stab yourself a lot.

12. repeat until done

It's been a sister sister project for a few days. We've had fun.

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