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kleinbl00  ·  93 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Solving everything wrong with America at once

Devil's advocacy:

1) an aggressive carbon tax favors manufacturing and development anywhere without aggressive carbon taxes. Raising the price of industry in the United States will largely accomplish the repression of industry and development in the United States, not on the planet.

2) Investing in particular industries will favor industries that aren't necessarily supported by the market. This is how you grow Albanian mushrooms.

3) Withdrawing from the Middle East will only create a power vacuum into which China, Russia, Turkey and Israel will jump. The combatants will not change but we will be without influence.

4) Right now the only thing keeping a lid on Wahabi extremism is the Westernization of the house of Saud. Pull away and god help you.

5) The current top marginal tax rate is 37% so that's a pretty big giveaway. Like, "Reagan only dreamed" tax cuts.

6) I think you will find that if you knock the top rate from 37% to 10% you will have substantially less evasion.

7) ...you know, I can't come up with a reason not to overturn Citizens United.

8) One in ten jobs in the United States is in healthcare. It is the fastest growing sector in the job market. What, precisely, do you anticipate replacing it with?