Here's the promo video for the issue:

It's been a rough period for me, I'm glad I've finally gotten this issue around together.'s Issue 19 is technically the season 2 finale, but I'm still winging it as it comes along.

Some notes:

I recommend staring at the intro screen for at least 30 seconds. It's really cool.

Rediscovering Wishington is really whimsical, the author is too talented to keep submitting to my journal.

PolarS was the most popular of this issue, which I didn't expect. It's always fun to look at the site statistics to see who brings in the most visitors.

tacocat has a poem published that evokes in me how it feels to finally finish this issue after getting around to it in a month.


tacocat's poem is excellent!

I also agree with the magic expressed in the poem.

posted by weewooweewoo: 610 days ago