This book, which veen recommended and which I hated thoroughly, makes the argument that humans inherently hate each other and given half an excuse, they'll throw each other in ovens. The author argues that places where Jews weren't exterminated were places where there was some sort of thin thread of humanity that kept them from being property but he doesn't make a very good argument, also he makes this whole argument about the racism that the Jews faced in Europe for fifteen hundred years and then for the last chapter goes AND THAT'S WHY THE AMERICAN HOLOCAUST IS COMING. Tim Snyder is an asshole.

The argument of the article, which definitely has an agenda, is to point out that the sociological studies that have been done - and it lists them - point out that economic victimhood does not create racism. The argument can actually be made - and the above article does - that racism is often expressed as economic victimhood going as far as demonstrating statistics wherein racism actually went down during the recession.

Basically, the article lays forth the argument that white people aren't feeling oppressed and victimized because they're doing badly economically - they're not, not by any metric, when compared to 2007-2010. They're feeling oppressed and victimized because there's a black president which has caused them to feel victimized because suddenly, they can't point at all the niXXers doing worse than they are.

The article makes the point that a rise of ethnic violence is predicted, historically, by a minority ethnic group achieving higher status. In other words, the more blacks in college, the more blacks are gonna get shot by George Zimmerman.

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