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salik  ·  2311 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Tin Can has been successfully backed!

I was going to mail JakobVirgil directly, but realized it might be worth mentioning to everyone here. what if you were to make standalone tin-can hubs? a 'tin-box', if you will.

Initially, I thought of it as just for the sake of extending the area you can message across at an event or the like, thinking of the experience as a public IRC. but then, it occured to me. imagine the sort of personal temporal/proximal value you could give to your local dive with it, or some spot on the beach, or a geocache, or one of many trees in a park. imagine coming back weeks later to have someone's message pop up on your phone, a reminder, a number, an invitation, even a goodbye from someone you had only just met in passing. imagine if, you could maybe even deposit a message for that specific person, not knowing when it'd be delivered, like a mail box that only works if you decide to check it. imagine hiking along a trail and by some fluke, checking your phone to discover virtual graffiti. heck, you could set it up in a library, even put topics that pop up as you connect to said box. or use it for treasure hunts. or travelling. or in traffic. or at a stadium. or a book store. or even at home, even say your apartment building. just add public and private tabs to keep them sorted and tidy. private being people you've subscribed to, public being whatever's streaming through.

i was considering making this a separate post, but didn't know if that'd be unnecessary. i'll throw money at it, i swear. :D