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geneusutwerk  ·  3505 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Model Whose TED Talk Went Viral: "I Get What I Don't Deserve."

Warning, this is all going to sound more pretentious than I am usually comfortable being:

It seems like this happens a lot, there is a sort of cycle, though I feel like it has changed and something new is forming. A lot of sites that start as reliable bastions of intellectualism or emerging cultures eventually go mainstream and slowly become diluted. TED hit this point probably about a year ago and quality will go downhill it seems. Similar things can be said for reddit, and other sites.

Perhaps this is a reflection on the ethos of the web 2.0. By being democratic, having content created flow from the bottom up, once a site becomes too bit, it will start playing to the common denominator.

Or perhaps I need to have more things to do at work and less time to reflect on the Internet.

PS. This TED talk is now officially meta.