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You can still do dangerous things, the trick is to not let yourself be stupid about it and realize that you aren't invulnerable.

I used to watch the Armed Forces TV network all the time when. I was overseas and they always showed the commercials that talked abut Congressional Medal of Honor winners. There was one I hated. It was about how this young soldier in WW I took off his task mask and gave it to someone else during a mustard gas attack and ended up dying after the battle, He gave his life up for another guy, right?

Wrong. I used to be that guy. He thought nothing would ever get him. He took his gas mask off because he didn't need it and he thought someone else did. Like I said, I was that guy, I was foolish and took risks with y body I probably shouldn't have. I'm lucky to be paying the price a little at a time sitting here with both ears ringing in different tones. But at least they are in tune...