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rene  ·  145 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: And the prompt was: Hubski Poetry

Figure a better setting then where I am now

life wears on you worse than the skin of a cow

the struggles the hurt of where you are now

distinguished feelings to respect if only you knew how

to respect me a life god-fearing deserving of praise

thanksgiving dinner is not enough give me a raise

trials and tribulations foment feelings malaise

eternal life is not enough to earn peace in my days

remember life is fluid atomic rearrange the pie

pecan piquante the crunch sells the question why

why why why cries the pig in the abbattoir

my oh my says the pig in the butcher on the loire

what recourse have we to return our received life

what number to call and complain

shall I end it now? What will be the nature of your death.

We all must die, the luckiest thrice and in good health.

What's left for us, the rest? A rest, a bath in distress

instead turn your head, not right but left.

A turning gaze instills fear in the best

left left left cried the cat, the emperor left his vest

if you could wear the clothes of dreams, seen or unseen, how would you seem, empress?