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mk  ·  62 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Why I own a CryptoPunk

    It's also pure Randian nonsense to presume that the only reason government exists is money.

I don't think that. I think money can exist independent of government. Of course it has in many forms, but I mean in a way that is more useful to more people than a governmental money.

As for difficulty for newbs, these are still very early days. It's insanely more user friendly than it was in 2017, and many more people are using Ethereum regularly. Axie Infinity has 110k active players as I type this.

I'd put my money on Kleiman rather than LeRoux, but it doesn't matter much. I think bitcoin will ultimately fail.

    Which is worth more - a cryptopunk or a cryptokitty?

Definitely CryptoPunks. I have a gob of kitties, including some Gen0's. Kitties got boring real fast and there's so many variations and kitties that 1) it's difficult to tell most of them apart, and 2) there's a bunch of kitties that look just like yours. It was an interesting moment in Ethereum, but the kitties weren't as interesting as the gas fees.

IMO CryptoPunks succeed as art, because they have a nice aesthetic, they represent something similar to many people, and they are the center of a conversation about something new. Of course, I am of the opinion that it is all art, only that most of it is very uninteresting.

I do think that an NFT collapse is imminent, and that most of the NFTs that are being swapped right now are going to become worthless really fast. Many thousandaires are going to be made of those that feel like millionaires atm. The horizon I am talking about above is a 10-20 year one.

I didn't buy my CryptoPunk as an investment. That would have been a more difficult decision. I do see them as a Picasso or Warhol for these times. Warhol didn't let you mint free sneakers if you owned his work, but I bet he would have found it an interesting development.