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This pastor's behavior is pretty typical of Christian Nationalist nonsense - the disturbing movement essentially created from Rev. Fifield Jr's work to convince American business executives (immediately after the great depression) that unregulated capitalism and christianity are morally aligned. His success in positioning FDR's New Deal as anti-christian is why the republican right and this mutant version of christianity are so enmeshed today.

As a former catholic (who believed god would be in favor of feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and generally caring for those who can't care for themselves), I understand the kneejerk reaction to defend christianity overall. I want to say that failing to make the distinction between this flavor of American christianity and christianity in general is unfair... but in the US, it's pretty apparent that Christian Nationalism is the dominant ideology of the country (just look at your average Trump supporter). This abysmal state of American christianity is about 100 years in the making (if you count the Christian Identity movement), so it can't even be dismissed as a recent development.

I'd be really interested in hearing a defense of christianity in light of current events, since I haven't personally been able to find one.

In any case, I've now followed the tag "antichristianbigotry" out of sheer curiosity, haha.