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Interesting comic. For the blindfold, I do not know if it is all owls, but I do know some have ears that sit at different heights, where one ear is above the eyeline and the other below. Scientists thinks this helps them better pinpoint sound locations.

Also, related to the blindfold and the face myth, facial disks.

Also, I don't recommend looking them up if you're squeamish, because they're surprisingly big and a bit uncomfortable to look at, but owl ears themselves are pretty interesting. I've actually been told that for some owls, if you look through their ears at the right angle, you can just see the back of their eyes and the nerves that stem from them. Yeah. Never had the opportunity to check that one, don't really feel tempted to.

::Edit:: I showed Dala ears and we saw eyeballs. Nowhere near as gross as I thought it would be, but it's still pretty weird.