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I feel you on Name of the Wind - I read it after hearing about all the hype. I mean, I like the way some of it is written; I do find the style to my liking. But the story itself annoyed the hell out of me. Kvothe was far too good at everything - so good that it felt like the few things he turned out to fail at, were mentioned purely so Rothfuss could say "see he has limits". Did you manage to stomach the second one? There's a solid unfortunate chunk in there that might have you lobbing the book across the room.

As to Dark Souls... were you playing the 2nd of the whole series, Dark Souls? Cause yeah that wouldn't have been fun. I found 3 far more interesting and engaging, and sort of lived up to the expectation that people had thrown at it. I like them because I don't see them as brutally unfair games, to me they're just uncaring - like I'll get better if I want to get better, it won't help me at all. In 3, I died like a million times to the tutorial boss then went merrily on way close to the end before dying another time - I just took my time and it paid off.

However, I don't like how some of the fanbase get shirty when people don't click with the series. I also didn't like having to pore through random items to learn a bit about the incredibly vague universe I'm in. Or the now popular idea that a video game needs to be punishingly hard to be any fun. Stardew Valley spits in the face of that thought.

Though I absolutely loved how unpredictable the enemies could be. I don't know if you've played or will ever play 3, but there are one or two boss fights that sit at the top of my gaming experience for how smooth, unpredictable and relentless they were.

Currently playing through Dead Cells and I'm getting a similar vibe of "Git gud" from it, like yeah it's tough but you learn and you do better. I haven't gotten past the High Peak place yet, that whole area just drills me each time.

As to your question - I can't stand Instagram. I'm sure it's not controversial here, but it is super popular. I had it for a while, but the feed was just people doing anything they could to get sponsored. "Had such a good day at the gym today, use my code ChunkyMunky123 for 0.25% off this off-brand protein power and laxative!". Getting rid of it started a great social media purge I feel better having done, Facebook is active but not on any of my devices (kept it for Messenger, still a slave in a way), instagram is gone, no twitter either. Seems like a much calmer place in my head now.