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dccrux  ·  189 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Creative men and women of Hubski. What have you drawn inspiration from recently?

I was inspired by the World Cup.

I've always liked soccer - showing my 'murica right there - and this year I vowed to watch more of the games than just half of one in passing. But FIFA is a corrupt nightmare - Sepp Blatter is just the most public of that. Most of the FIFA decision makers from the last 20 years are either in jail, awaiting trial, or can't come to the US for fear of being arrested for corruption.

So I wrote some friends - most of whom are on here! - an email about each day of the cup, adding some weird dark elements and a gradually more horrifying narrative. It was fun! I mean, with a certain specific definition of fun.

I've also discovered a whole shared narrative of the SCP foundation and a modern way of talking about monsters and ghost stories - I've stayed up until dawn a couple of times this week falling through a rabbit hole there.

World Cup and Internet Monsters will forever be entwined in my heart, now.