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woowoowoowoo  ·  372 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: April 18, 2018

It's weewoo, sorry I've been mostly lurking. I'd like a belgium white. Things have been well on my end. Got hired on as the full time designer for the thing I was interning for, and moving to St Louis in late May. Fuck yeah.

I deactivated my other account because someone found my hubski account- and the things I wrote at a low point aren't exactly the best things for people to read through.

I also felt like I didn't really use hubski in a very healthy way. I like to use websites as public journals because of my desire for social approval and how boring it feels to write something that will never be seen by anyone else. I'm working on this.

Something I was never able to figure out was my problem of social anxiety- there were so many times that I wanted to reply to someone's reply to me on hubski but I couldn't figure out what to write, so they were left ignored. Sorry if I kept you waiting, or if I come off as aloof, or I don't know.

Another thing I do- I write my replies to comments and facebook messages and emails and everything in Notepad. I hate that all chat apps show when other people are typing. Wtf, why.

There's this song I've been obsessed about lately. You Fucken Sucker by Paul de Jong, of The Books. It has a transposition of Mary Had A Little Lamb onto a wistful tune, with the nusery rhyme alternating with a cursing fit. It feels like having nostalgic thoughts with pangs of regret.