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Isherwood  ·  570 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Gamers of Hubski. I need your help to check out my friends site..

You need a minimum viable product.

Right now, from that doc, it seems like you're try to do several things and don't have a common thread to tie all of those things together.

Based on your manifesto and the language on your site it seems like building an LGBTQ gaming community is going to be your central focus, but right now you have no community features so your site's messaging isn't selling the product you have.

Conversely, you have the tools to provide games but you don't have language that explains that service (how it works and what you get) on your site.

Your marketing is a narrative and your product is the protagonist. You want to tell this story where your protagonist is an art gallery - you can pay your dues and come and go as you please. You can enjoy the work in the gallery but you can't take it home with you, and down on the ground floor there's this wonderful little coffee shop where you and all the other art nerds can hang out and talk about your love without worry of being judged.

A narrative like that ties together your themes and can be slowly rolled out over months or years. It makes it easier to consume because it solidifies your identity.

(I'm currently short on time so forgive me for being curt or making assumptions. I really like marketing, I really like games, and I really think you have a very neat idea).