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Deltron_0  ·  865 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Looking for a book recommendation about finance / macroeconomics

I could give you a link that may blow your fucking mind, if you want.

It's free, in public domain, and riddled with controversy. But, it has called what's happening right now in the world financial mess.

I'm a music school dropout, currently betting against the common knowledge of business and economics in today's age.

I would read The Art of War.

coming from voices at the upper levels of Wall Street, Aswath Demodaran is worth reading about but... With just a little bit of google and some time away from technology, you may learn more about macro economics in the next 15 years simply going online and checking the data, observing where the money is going, and not paying any attention to the spin.

nearly everyone is spinning today.

I'm focusing almost entirely on how to value an asset, which, is the million dollar question, which everyone forgets to apply in this ridiculously manic era of currency movement.