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LazarusRevives  ·  2032 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Not sure how this website works but here are todays thoughts

Tabula Rasa. We are all born a blank slate and indoctrinated into whatever truth our family may hold, if they hold anything sacred enough to do that with. No one knows the truth that you are addressing here. There are many that claim to know the truth, but that is their belief. Belief and truth are not one and the same. But, in a certain sense one could argue that belief is truth subjectively. So, stand in your own truth and believe what you want to believe. I personally choose to build a door. One was built for me as a child, but I have opened it, walked through, ventured about and come back to the foyer since then.

One thing I have found to be true is that we are all hypocrites at some time in our life. This frequently upset me as I passed through my teens and on into my 20s somewhat. But, whether we choose to live in that hypocritical state of being constantly is up to us. Remember that polarization occurs when someone only hears or seeks information that supports their belief. In this situation they ignore negative feed back, which may cause them to pause and reassess how they see the world. This can be a scary process for some. I can't honestly say that I have perfected it in all subjects, but I do try to listen to all sides before forming my opinion.

Also, I like to hold on to the philosophy that I reserve the right to change my mind when new and better information presents itself.

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