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Ay-Nawn  ·  1842 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Body mod that gives you the ability to sense North

I have always been fascinated by man's use of material culture to extend its bodily [in]capabilities - especially so in our day and age. Using electronics to engineer/further our own evolution per se is how I'd like to envision our short circuiting of our biological evolution. Yes, I know that's not actually possible, but in a sense of what path it'll take us down instead. This looks like a phenomenally simple yet potentially life altering device in the most minute of ways. With so many trinkets out on the market, I'd be surprised to see it flourish, but it's sure as hell something I'd love to try on.

If you liked this, I'd highly suggest:

1. Taking a listen at this episode of NPR's Podcast Invisiblia where they interview the creator of Google Glass. They don't interview him for Google Glass, mind you, but for the device it was inspired from: a computer he created that's been attached to him since high school.

2. Watching Season 1 Episode 3 of Black Mirror. I know it's on Netflix, or you could probably find it on the web somewhere. Black Mirror is described as Twilight Zone-esque in the way it explores Sci-Fi/Futuristic possibilities. The whole series has great commentary on technology, its effects on us and what its capabilities are. This episode in particular focuses on a not-to-distant-future where you can get an implant which records everything you see and hear, and the device allows you to play these recordings back. In short, allows you to remember everything. In some ways I'd like to think it is a part of the commentary on whether Sci-Fi shapes our own modern day tech or vice versa. I'd like to argue to the former. :)

EDIT: 3. A bit more meta or tangential depending on the perspective, the book "The Medium is the Massage" by Marshall McLuhan. Critically Acclaimed.