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jadedog  ·  2451 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Forum where fallacies are banned

    Then why do you use Hubski with it's filter (which I don't disagree with BTW) and mute (which I do) systems?

I'm still a bit new here to determine the upsides and downsides fully. However, I'm not seeing how you think Hubski moderates your experience. You'll have to explain more fully. I read your post on how you didn't like the mute function, but you didn't explain why very fully.

    I still think the benefits of having fallacies outlawed outweigh the risks though.

Then hopefully you'll enjoy the forum you're describing. I've posted too long on forums that started out with that description and found that it doesn't ever work out that way in the long run. At some point, it becomes about mods telling the people they don't like that they're using fallacies and people that they do like that they're not. That's just my experience.